My Story

Alexandra has built a deep knowledge of social media marketing through the years. Not only as a writer on influencer marketing but also taking her expertise and assisting well-established and start-up companies to gain a better understanding and practical and impactful execution of their marketing strategies.

And to walk the talk, Alexandra built Milk&Café, an Instagram Blog and Website. Milk&Café was built with the intention of finding a community of coffee enthusiasts, using a city’s local café scene as a way of exploring the city.  Yet coffee is to be enjoyed in the real world. With the desire to make deeper connections with her online community of followers, she took online experiences offline and launched coffee tours in her hometown of Liepzig.

And during the journey into building Milk&Café, a new avenue opened up into the podcast world.

“You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are.” – Hilary Sawchuk

Taking her creative curiosity, she has meet with other creatives who inspire her. She noticed how much information they freely shared about how they made it possible to turn their creative and professional skills into a business and how much these creatives want to help others achieve their potential. She believes that you can be multi-passionate and that you don’t have to decide on doing only one job in your life (herself being an example).

Tune into CreativeMindset podcast to hear creatives share their experiences very openly and honestly. The Podcast will launch in early 2019.

Text by Vanessa Matthews of the Word of Mouth Community.